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Over Chess IT

Chess IT

Chess IT International B.V. (Chess iX) designs and develops mission critical software for innovative organizations.

We support our clients with realizing their business goals by delivering:

  1. Product development projects and high-quality software development projects.

  2. Card-based facility management and payment solutions.
Both propositions offer a drastically reduced time-to-market by integrating existing software components for online payment processing, card management, and facility management, as well as hardware NFC readers for payment and public transit cards. 


Chess iX has an extensive portfolio of successful product development projects and implementation in the financial services market, sports & events, and public transport. The payment facility solutions have made us market leader in the Dutch education market.

Chess is active in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. 


Chess employs 85 people in Haarlem, the Netherlands and Novi Sad, Serbia (Chess iX) and Amsterdam, the Netherlands (Magna Carta). 

Web: http://www.chess-ix.com

Lees ook het interview met Chess iX-directeur en -oprichter René Hodde.

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