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Desktop Options: Pros and Cons

By Rob Enderle | 11 oktober 2007 | Datamation
Well, in the enterprise the votes appear to be in and the winner is – drum roll please – Windows XP SP3. And I can say that before Apple’s Leopard platform has even shipped. For the Apple folks, don’t get overly excited because Windows Vista isn’t exactly cutting through the enterprise market either, and it appears SP3 will flow into the segment in large numbers. Linux, whose supporters have been touting as the best platform overall, is still under 1% on the desktop even though it has doubled its market share. And if this was any other product, after this many years with this little result, we’d write it off like we did the Commodore platform, even though it was vastly more successful in its time on the desktop.

Exploring Infrastructure Management Buzzwords, Trends, and Concepts

TeamQuest | ZDNet | Webcast
This webcast presents a brief overview of infrastructure management history, examining the business and technology drivers for management change and clarifying some of the more important concepts and jargon such as business service management, business impact management, service level management, service delivery management, autonomic computing, virtualization and adaptive management, utility computing, IT Process maturity, and horizontal integration.

Bringing open source to enterprise management

Computerworld | By Doug Dineley | 11 juni 2007
If you curse your “tier-one” IT management solution as too cumbersome, complex and expensive, you’re not alone. A recent Gartner study declares the big four management software vendors — BMC, CA, HP and IBM — are increasingly vulnerable to SaaS (software as a service) and open-source alternatives. For Bill Karpovich, co-founder and CEO of open source network and system monitoring software provider Zenoss, dissatisfaction with the leading management frameworks is a business model. In fact, Karpovich notes, Zenoss’ solution was born from the failure of IBM Tivoli at USi, an application service provider (and now a subsidiary of AT&T) where he and Zenoss inventor and chief technology officer Erik Dahl used to work.

The next frontier of enterprise automation

Erp4it - Enabling IT Governance
This site is dedicated to the emerging subject of enterprise IT automation, otherwise called Enterprise Resource Planning for IT. This is not the automation of the business by IT; rather it is IT automating itself... If you are concerned with IT governance, enterprise architecture, metadata, application portfolio management, or IT Service Management - read on!

The IT Sceptic

This blog seeks to balance sunny over-optimism and hyperbole in IT with an icy blast of winter through the techniques of the skeptic as well as applying that other great Litmus test: common sense. This blog takes a critical look at IT’s absurdities, especially those relating to ITIL.

O'Reilly Radar

At O'Reilly, a big part of our business is paying attention to what's new and interesting in the world of technology. We have a pretty good record at having anticipated some of the big technology developments in recent history. For instance, we launched the first commercial Web site, GNN, in 1993; we organized the meeting at which the term "open source" was first adopted; we were early investors in Blogger, which helped launch the blogging revolution; and more recently, our Web 2.0 conference launched a world-wide meme. We call this predictive sense the "O'Reilly Radar." And while we're certainly not always right, we are, at least, good at making interesting guesses. Our methodology is simple: we draw from the wisdom of the alpha geeks in our midst, paying attention to what's interesting to them, amplifying these weak signals, and seeing where they fit into the innovation ecology. Add to that the original research conducted by our Research team, and you start to get a good picture of what the technology world is thinking about. What books are people just now starting to buy, and which are falling off in interest? Which tech-related Google AdWords are rising or falling in price? What can we learn from predictive markets tracking tech trends? What do help-wanted ads tell us about technology adoption?


ICT-professionals presteren beter wanneer ze met elkaar in contact staan. Zo kunnen ze tips uitwisselen, ervaringen delen, en ontdekken dat ze niet alleen staan. Het platform daarvoor is de NGN (Netwerk Gebruikersgroep Nederland), het platform voor ICT-professionals. De NGN brengt sinds 1989 IT- en netwerkprofessionals met elkaar in contact, en vormt een onafhankelijk en onpartijdig platform waar 3.000 leden kennis opdoen en ervaringen met elkaar uitwisselen.

Six Sigma

Six Sigma Quality Resources for Software & Information Technology,

The Industry Measure

The Industry Measure's business Market Research and expert analysis of industry trends will give you the edge you need and our Expert Insights will give you the inside scoop from our industry experts.

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