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Crystal-Clear Online Communication at Interpolis

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Interpolis, one of Holland's major providers of insurance and retirement plans, has chosen SDL Tridion to help them bring value to their business. True to its core values, Interpolis strives for crystal-clearcommunication; both in its portfolio of products and services and in its daily interaction with target groups. Partnership and trust are the foundations of the Interpolis way of doing business.

Challenges: Delivering crystal-clear content Interpolis' primary means of communication with its customers, agents and employees is via e-mail and its web-sites. Each business unit within Interpolis is responsible for its own internal and external communication. This decentralised approach requires Interpolis to control accuracy and consistency of all correspondence. Interdepartmental and channel inconsistencies with content and branding must be avoided at all cost.
Outbound E-mail enables Interpolis to achieve consistency in branding, content and style by driving all communications from a central location. This avoids potential damage to the brand and organisation that could occur if Interpolis were to mistakenly send conflicting content and messages to its target audiences. Interpolis' Corporate Communication Group reassures consistency by implementing its branding and messaging style guidelines in templates that are used by all departments within the company.

Reduce time to market

Existing processes resulted in time lost due to complex approval processes that resulted in frequent and often poorly communicated exchange of information. Needless to say, these existing processes caused the crystal-clear core value of Interpolis to come into conflict with the everyday reality of actual communication.
Outbound E-mail helped Interpolis reduce time to market and improve quality in several ways. Now, all steps of the approval process are handled internally. Information no longer has to be exchanged multiple times. This significantly improves efficiency and reduces costs, and of course minimises mistakes and mishaps. The ability to re-use existing material in a controlled way further streamlines the process. Approval is only necessary for information that has been modified from previous versions.

Personalised, relevant and timely content

Each Interpolis customer is unique. This is because Interpolis sells different insurance offerings in a multitude of packages to their clients. This creates the need to provide client specific, tailor-made plans focusing on their particular requirements.
In order to keep its clients and prospects upto-date, Interpolis relies on the personalisation features of Outbound E-mail. Marketeers can now compose generic newsletters that contain updates on all modules of their retirement plans. When sending out a newsletter, the personalisation engine will automatically match the profile of the recipient and only provide articles relevant to them.
The flexibility and efficiency you need Previously, Interpolis' marketeers created newsletters and requested them to be delivered by an outside agency. They would then receive the results several days or weeks later. In today's world, this cumbersome procedure takes far too long and reduces the effectiveness of their communications efforts.
Outbound E-mail makes sending newsletters and analysing results quick and easy. Marketeers now remain in control throughout the entire process; from creation and delivery of the newsletter to execution and finally analysis of the results. Last minute changes can be made directly, easily and in a controlled format. As a result, the marketer will be much closer to the customer providing him with that personal touch!

Improved communication at significantly reduced costs

Today's marketers are faced with the ongoing challenge of juggling shrinking budgets whilst delivering efficient and effective market initiatives.
Outbound E-mail enables Interpolis to make the most of their marketing investments by re-using content, resulting in less 'copy & paste' and reviewing necessary modifications only when necessary. Utilising existing infrastructure to send e-mail avoids reinvention of the wheel. Additionally, as there is a replacement of paper with electronic mailings, marketing organisations significantly reduce their operational costs.


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