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Itility en AIC stappen in bij eLEAF

De Itility Group en het Agricultural Intelligence Centre AIC hebben een meerderheidsbelang verworven in eLEAF.

On May 12th, the Itility Group (https://itility.nl), a software and data service provider in manufacturing, energy, and agritech, and the Agricultural Intelligence Centre AIC (https://a-i-c.eu), a network/platform for agri and climate technology, acquired a majority stake in eLEAF.

Wageningen-based company eLEAF is a leading Earth Observation company. eLEAF specializes in satellite-based data solutions for sustainable crop production, water and irrigation management, and management of drought and climate risk for growers and agri-businesses in the value chain. Its core technology delivers high-quality evapotranspiration and biomass production data, from continental to field scale. This enables next-level digitization of business processes for eLEAF’s customers in the agricultural, water, and insurance domains.

With its new investors, eLEAF will be able to accelerate faster – to anticipate the rapidly growing industry demand for large-scale satellite-based data solutions. This improves business outcomes and supports the sustainable development goals for water and food security (SDG6 and SDG2).

Supported by the Itility Group, eLEAF can further scale its technology and deploy this across the globe to support farmers, companies, and institutions.

With the support of AIC, eLEAF’s technology can be deployed on a wider geographical scale through its channels in Africa and globally.


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