Advanced Business Process Techniques

Deze workshop biedt specifieke, herhaalbare technieken om uw business process initiatieven in lijn te brengen met menselijke factoren, organisatiecultuur en bedrijfsstrategie en -doelstellingen.

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Many organisations radically improve their performance through business process change initiatives, while others fall short. It’s easy to blame failure on technical factors, but they are almost never the primary cause. Experience shows three recurring themes in successful initiatives:
1. True end-to-end processes were identified, and the right ones were selected for transformation;
2. A holistic approach balanced technical factors with human, organisational, and cultural factors;
3. That holistic understanding was reflected in an implementable and sustainable process design.

This intense workshop provides proven, repeatable methods, well beyond what is covered in introductory courses. In particular, individual and organisational behaviour and culture often defy analysis, but specific techniques for discovery and assessment of these soft factors are a centrepiece of this unique workshop. Throughout, the emphasis is on methods that support shared understanding and engagement, leading to buy-in. Participants will be well-prepared for the challenges of successful business process analysis and design.
Topics will be covered with a discussion of the issue, a review of techniques, guidelines and examples, a brief workshop exercise, and a group solution and debriefing. The emphasis is on maximising the delivery of content while keeping everyone engaged. Real-life case studies are employed throughout – some participants say the examples of how the techniques are applied in practice is the best part of the workshop.

donderdag 26 november 09:30 t/m vrijdag 27 november 17:00
Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht
€ 1305 early bird / € 1450 regulier
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