Data Mesh, Fabric en Lakehouse ontrafeld

De nieuwe frameworks Data Mesh, Data Fabric en Data Lakehouse kunnen aanzienlijke voordelen bieden voor uw organisatie. Barry Devlin legt de concepten, technologie en voordelen uit.

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Today’s business, with its conflicting needs for data timeliness vs. consistency, immediate vs. correct decisions, and information-informed competition, places extensive new demands on digital information systems. These demands have led to the emergence of the lakehouse, fabric, and mesh approaches honed for the complex distributed and network-centric environments that are already common. However, the prevalence of legacy systems, historical data management issues, as well as existing and evolving complications in information meaning and usage mean that traditional approaches and knowledge cannot be readily abandoned.

The key questions, therefore, are if and how data lakehouse, fabric, and mesh address these new needs, how differently each does that, where they improve on existing approaches or create new problems, and how they can coexist with or replace established data warehouses and lakes.

To answer these questions, Barry Devlin compares and contrasts all these approaches, old and new, using as a foundation the Digital Information Systems Architecture (DISA) first defined in “Business unintelligence.” Existing and emerging technologies for data storage, preparation, and virtualization; data catalogs and knowledge graphs; and other tools, both on-premises and Cloud, are described and analysed. Also explored are a wide variety of organisational issues, methodologies, and implementation approaches that are often as important in assessing solutions as the underlying technologies.

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