Gerry Daalhuisen

I am a Supply Chain and Software Business Development Professional, with a sweet spot in dealing with (international) commercial opportunities.

The always moving and changing world of Multi-Modal Supply Chain and Logistics is constantly exciting me, which increases my motivation to drive me to reach the goals set and ‘to make something from nothing’, bringing commercial success from scratch.

Years of experience in the software industry brought me in many countries over the world where I actively participated in great successes. Whether it was opening up a new market area or just closing another commercial deal.

Being recognized as a person with an attitude to work its way to reach the goals set. Showing initiatives as well having the ability to turn initiatives into successes. I am able to operate easily on different levels in an organization. From a mid-tier type of company towards a Tier-1 multinational type of company as well from the CEO/COO level towards the execution level (planners, warehouse managers, IT-managers).

Being very pragmatic and able to easily adapt to changed circumstances.

My personal credo is that ‘everything must be possible’. If you can’t do it in one way, then try the other way. Working with people is key in the above. Despite all technological developments, people are still a very important factor. Really listening to people will make you understand the other person much better. As you understand that person then you know what his reasons are or his background is. This is what you can use to bring your message across as effective as possible.

Vakkennis Gerry Daalhuisen


Functioneel ontwerp, Management, Marketing/promotie, Multimedia, Projectmanagement en Software-ontwikkeling.


Management, Business Analytics, ERP, Cloud Computing, Internet, ICT-branche en Smart Logistics.






iPhone/iPad, Joomla!, Linux, Mac (OS X), MySQL en Oracle-software.

Gerry  Daalhuisen

Gerry Daalhuisen
Opleidingsniveau: HBO
Carrièreniveau: Senior Management
Functie: VP Product Management Cloud Solutions
Werkzaam bij: Kewill
Bedrijfsgrootte: 1000-1500 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 10 t/m 19 personen
Branche: ICT
Geeft leiding aan: 1 tot 10 personen

Meest gewaardeerd
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