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John Dijns

John Dijns is een expert van Computable voor het topic ERP.

After graduating from Erasmus University I started my carreer as a HRM/Payroll Consultant at AFAS ERP Software. Within the organisation I grew towards the newly created position of projectleader and later was asked to become Productmanager of the HRM and Payroll modules at AFAS.

As Productmanager HRM/Payroll I was responsible for the development and maintenance of the HRM and Payroll modules of AFAS's ERP product. During the time I was Productmanager the HRM/Payroll modules grew to a mature state, making it possible to service larger customers.

In 2007 I started working with Exact, a global ERP player focussing mainly on the SMB market, as Product Line Manager. In this position I am responsible for the Dutch Payroll development team and the Payroll Competence Center within Exact NL.

Exact's marketshare is approximately 650.000 payslips in the Netherlands. The Payroll development team, consistant of designers, software engineers and quality assurance, maintains the Payroll software of Globe, Synery ASP, Synergy .Net, Paymate and several legacy products.

Currently my team is working on its newest addition, Exact Online Payroll. This completely new redesigned SaaS application will focus on empowering the SMB market and the cooperation with service providers.

Vakkennis John Dijns


Functioneel ontwerp, Management, Kantoorautomatisering, Projectmanagement, Software-ontwikkeling, Testen/implementeren en Webmanagement.


ERP, Development, Cloud Computing, Internet, Infrastructuur, ICT-branche en Loopbaan.

Computable Expert
John  Dijns

John Dijns
Opleidingsniveau: WO
Carrièreniveau: Leidinggevend
Functie: Product Line Manager HRM & Payroll
Werkzaam bij: Exact
Bedrijfsgrootte: 1000-1500 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 250 t/m 499 personen
Branche: ICT

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