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Chahid Kharmich

Chahid is an enthusiastic and driven Senior CRM and Mobility consultant with a broad experience in Mobility, Social Media & Internet. As a creative consultant, Chahid started a number of pioneering projects in the area of Social Media, Mobility and Email marketing. His passion is to put creative ideas into practice and implement them purposefully. He is a typical all rounder and flexible initiator who is not affected by opposition. He reacts considered and straightforward, taking individual needs into account. He is able to move others to endorse and contribute in meeting the objectives set. With his strong analytical skills he is able to extract structures and anchor these in SAP projects. Due to his result-oriented focus he demands optimal performance of himself and others.

Vakkennis Chahid Kharmich

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TopicsICT-branche, Besturingssystemen, Mobility, Internet, CRM.Netwerken, Systeembeheer, Security, Infrastructuur, Cloud Computing, Softwarebeheer, Open Source, Development, ERP, Business Intelligence, Outsourcing.
Skills  Wordpress, Wireless, Windows PC, VMWare, Sybase, SAP-software, Mac (OS X), iPhone/iPad/iOS, Informatica, HTML/CSS, Excel.XML, Visual Basic/VB.NET, Unix, UML, SQL, SharePoint, PL/SQL, PHP, MySQL, Linux, Joomla!, Javascript, Java, Flash, Exchange, Agile, .Net .
Sectoren  Webdevelopment/management, Helpdesk/support, Applicatiebeheer.Software-ontwikkeling, Multimedia, Marketing/promotie, Informatieanalyse, Functioneel ontwerp, Consulting/advies.

Chahid  Kharmich

Chahid Kharmich MSc
Carrièreniveau: Ervaren
Functie: SAP CRM/Mobility Consultant
Werkzaam bij: Acorel
te Amsterdam
Afdeling: SAP CRM / SAP Mobility
Bedrijfsgrootte: 26-50 personen
Omvang ict-afdeling: 20 t/m 49 personen
Branche: Advies/Consultancy