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Michiel Broekhuijsen

ing. Michiel Broekhuijsen is een expert van Computable voor de topics Cloud Computing en Security.

I'm an IT professional with over 20 years of experience gained in various roles and projects.

Talented to appreciate complexity and comprehensible to others. To gain a better insight help them make better decisions and choices.

My style is characterized by my open and transparent way of communication (no politics here), willingness to learn (and admit when I'm wrong), focus on people's talents (instead of flaws)\

Energizers for me are working together with open minded, smart people who passionate about what they doing and who are prepared to learn from others.

Labels most fitting are advisor, trainer and coach. Labels not fitting are manager, controller, operator, administrator.

Vakkennis Michiel Broekhuijsen


Beveiliging, Consulting/advies, Datacom/telecom, Functioneel ontwerp en Training/opleiding.


Architectuur, Outsourcing, Cloud Computing, Mobility, Security, ICT-branche, Diensten en Loopbaan.


Agile en Scrum.


Mac (OS X).

Computable Expert
Michiel  Broekhuijsen

ing. Michiel Broekhuijsen
Opleidingsniveau: HBO
Carrièreniveau: Ervaren
Functie: Trainer & Advisor Secure Cloud Computing
Werkzaam bij: inspearit
Bedrijfsgrootte: 101-250 personen
Branche: ICT

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