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René Civile

René Civile is een expert van voor de topics Management, Security en ICT-branche.

Visionair and Expenceblocker

IT ICT as matter and vehicle is a 100% predictible and premaditated subject and substance. Ignoring the Universal Laws of Automation and one is 100% guaranteed of many high bills to pay.

Fields of expertise
- IT ICT Chains
- IT ICT Crisis mgt
- IT ICT Change mgt
- IT ICT Incident and Problem mgt

Presentation and Courses
- The Universal laws of automation
or, how one course will save you instantly thousands of euro's. Objective is to arm for vendorslock, havoc and harm of commerce and politics in and with IT ICT

Bridging the gap between the worlds IT ICT vs Non IT ICT

Inventor of 'The Civile Matrix ©®™' The most elementary disply of how IT ICT works and is to be treated for both worlds IT ICT and Non IT ICT.

Minimum required for members of the boardroom, MMT and IT management.

Owner of NumoQuest©®™
NQ is a entire clinical and independent assessment method where based on available data where latent and natural born primary and secundary personal characteristics and soft skills are made visible.

The force of NQ is the fact that the assessment is produced without the physical availability of the person of interest with a assured accurate rate of +90%

NQ is intended for Coaching, HR, Recruitment, Executive and non executive assessment, Mediation, and as clinical assessment for students to provide direction and education.

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Vakkennis René Civile


Applicatiebeheer, Beveiliging, Commercie, Consulting/advies, Functioneel ontwerp, Helpdesk/support, Management, Kantoorautomatisering, Marketing/promotie, Kwaliteitszorg, Multimedia, Netwerk engineering/beheer, Projectmanagement, Research/wetenschap, Systeembeheer, Technisch ontwerp, Testen/implementeren en Training/opleiding.


Management, Outsourcing, Datamanagement, Internet, Mobility, Infrastructuur, Datacenters, Security, Beheer, ICT-branche, Overheid, Zorg, Onderwijs, Loopbaan, Maatschappij, Digital Workplace en Digital Innovation.


IPMA, ISO-20000, ITIL, Prince2 en TMap.


.Net , Android, Flash, HTML/CSS en XML.


Access, Cisco, Citrix-software, Excel, Exchange, Informatica, Joomla!, Windows PC, Windows Server en Wireless. Expert
René  Civile

René Civile
Opleidingsniveau: HBO
Carrièreniveau: Senior Management
Functie: IT ICT Crisis & Chain manager
Werkzaam bij: NumoQuest® twitter: numoquest
Bedrijfsgrootte: 5-10 personen
Branche: Advies/Consultancy
Geeft leiding aan: 10 tot 25 personen

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