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Deze opinie is van een externe deskundige. De inhoud vertegenwoordigt dus niet noodzakelijk het gedachtegoed van de redactie.

“If you don’t want to solve a problem, just make it bigger”

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David Savage
Eigenaar, SavEdge business consulting b.v.. Expert van voor het topic .

A few steps I suggest you can take as to keep your wits and achieve the objectives you set forth.

A partnerof mine in the mobility market years ago said this to me. Why? Because of thetendency of people in all levels and roles not keeping their focus on thecatalyst of a project and/ or process. This lack of focus drags the design,development and implementation cycle into a never ending story.

Now several years down the road we still face this issue, but now it’s not as much because people are endlessly searching for what actually works, now it’s because somuch is possible. So is this an endless cycle of human nature so that we don’t get things accomplished? I don’t think so,… below are a few steps I suggest you can take as to keep your wits and achieve the objectives you set forth.1. What is the pain in the process? (never lose sight of this, anythingthat does not directly effect curing the problems in the process should beavoided when making decisions on what to do. Additional projects may beidentified in this stage, but keep your focus on the initial driver/ pain) 

2. Freeze the technology in your decision making process(technology needs to fit your needs, waiting for the next release or nextversion of the newest, best, greatest thing ever will be endless: make a planand stick to it)

3. Ensurethat both the process owner and IT department understand the objectives and make decisions based upon what bestcures the pain in the processes4. Pull the trigger, execute, get itdone,…whatever youwant to call it, the objectives need to be met according to the timelines inthe planning process, people must beheld accountable and status needs to be documented and communicated5. Evaluateprocess and repeat steps 1-4 until you have achieved your objectives
DavidSavageVP EMEA

MobileDataforce Europe BV

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